Helping Those In Need

As writers, we all know how important it is that we help each other out. Whether we give advice, feedback, or, in this case, assisting those who’s have been hit by a natural disaster.

Depending on your location, and if you follow the news/those this affects on social media, you may have heard of the Colorado Wild Fires. You may also remember when I interviewed Carrie Nyman, author of the historical fiction novel “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??” Her town was hit by these wild fires, and, while her home wasn’t destroyed; allow me to share a Tweet of hers from yesterday:

“Things are getting better; however, the ruins of the 346 houses this close to my house are disturbing.”

Also, here are some pictures of her town, taken from her blog:

Pretty grim, eh? Well, Mrs. Nyman is doing something wonderful! All royalties she gets from her sales of “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??” for the month of July are being donated to the Red Cross for the Waldo Canyon fire relief. Pretty great, eh? If you are able to pick up a copy, it is certainly going to a great cause, and can help out a lot of people whose homes have been destroyed.


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