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Since I published “London Darkness: Infernal Inventions” I knew I would need a website to shorten the Amazon print and eBook links for social media. I mean, less face it, no one wants to scroll through their news feed and see

“Check out my book here:”

That gets old pretty fast. Plus, while Twitter automatically shortens links, I think it still looks more professional to use a link shortening website. So, me being the Google lover that I am, came across is pretty cool because it saves every link you shorten, and then keeps track of how many clicks there are per link. You can then see which browser was used, which platform, which country, and which website they clicked from. This can be pretty handy to see which social media/website your book is getting the most traffic from. Then, you can adjust your marketing to suit. You can see which sites you need to bulk up or expand your marketing on, and see which sites your marketing is working perfectly on.

Examples: – Amazon page for “Infernal Inventions” eBook. – Amazon page for “Infernal Inventions” print.

Do you prefer a certain link shortening program? Have you ever used one before? Do you think they are a good–or bad–idea?

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