Guest Post: Virginia — What Inspires You?

Today’s guest post is from Virginia at Poeta Officium. She is a wonderful blogger with some great writing views–Many that I share. Please do go check out her blog. It will certainly be time well spent!

1) What is the number one most inspiring thing for you as a writer? That one thing that without it, you would find it so much harder to write?

People. Humans. I have mentioned in some of my blog posts that I find talking to strangers an immense inspiration. I don’t know if it’s because I subconsciously invite it into my life but I always seem to have chance encounters with complete strangers. You know those soul feeding encounters where you leave feeling like you have just drunk a bottle of champagne. These don’t happen very often but when they do, the first thing I want to do is put pen to paper. It may not inspire me to write anything in particular but it restores my faith in the written word. It solidifies my belief in that magic can truly happen when we least expect it. I feel invigorated and this shows in my writing.

2) What location do you find the most inspiring as a writer?

This might sound like a tremendous cliché but I have always been able to lose myself when I am in a coffee shop. Nestled in a small corner nook, on my own with a notebook and pen. Extra large coffee. Give me those ‘tools’ – and lots of spare time! – and I can write anything.

3) Who is the most inspiring person for you?

My grandmother has been my biggest inspiration. She was also a writer and I believe I get my talents and abilities from her. We were always very connected. Even the way we dream was similar –  our nocturnal minds producing the same fantastical epic tales and for most of her life she slept with a notebook and pen on her bedside table. She predominantly wrote poetry and would wake from her slumber to jot down ideas, short poems.  I always loved that about her. I was 15 when she passed – the saddest time of my life – but thankfully my memory of her is perfect. She wasn’t your ‘typical’ grandma though; I don’t remember her baking or cooking or sewing. I remember her writing.

4) An off-topic question: If you could co-write with any author, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

No hesitation – this would be Papa Bear himself. Ernest Hemingway. Why? Because I want to learn his process. See how he works. Co-authoring means I would have to show him my work – and he would either love it or hate it. If he hated it he would have to critique it and I couldn’t ask for a better reader than him. I love reading his prose so writing under his wing and watching him work would be the best writing gift anyone could ever give me.


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