Guest Post: Vikki — On Inspiration

Today’s guest post is from Vikki who blogs at The-View-Outside. She is a wonderful writer and always has such fun photo writing prompts! Be sure to check out her blog and take part in them!


1) What is the number one most inspiring thing for you as a writer? That one thing that without it, you would find it so much harder to write?

 There are 2 things that I consider invaluable to my writing, and that i use on a regular basis for inspiration. The first, and most important is my notebook. I have about 20 now that have all been filled since I started writing in 2010. They contain story ideas, cuttings from magazines and newspapers, character sketches, name ideas, title ideas, quotes I find inspiring, lists (books I’ve read, books I want to read), film reviews, copied out poems that have moved me and even song lyrics. I carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere, so that I can jot down snippets of people’s conversations, observations (to jog my memory at a later date) and free writing if I have a spare 10 minutes.

The second would be my mobile phone *snigger* Ok, not my phone as such….the camera 🙂 My phone, and hence my camera, goes everywhere with me. It’s an extension of my notebook. I take at least 1 photo a day, every day, and I use these as prompts for story ideas.

2) What location do you find the most inspiring as a writer?
As a small child I spent a lot of time at the beach. My grandparents had a caravan (mobile home) on the Kent coast so my summers would be spent beach combing and playing hide and seek in sand dunes. I like nothing better than sitting on a beach with my notebook and pen. The smell of seaweed filling my nostrils and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near a beach, so I have to make do with coffee shops. Great for people watching and free writing, so a good substitute until I can get to a beach 🙂
3) Who is the most inspiring person for you?

There have been lots of people who have inspired me over the years, but at the moment, it has to be Elizabeth Haynes. I met Elizabeth through a local writing group and when I joined she had just had her first novel accepted for publication. It was Elizabeth who encouraged me to do Nanowrimo in 2010, and who kept me going through Nano 2011. We meet every few weeks for a writing session in a cafe. I get more done during that time than i usually do in a week! Lol.

Elizabeth wrote 2 novels whilst holding down a full time job and looking after a family. That, to me, is inspirational 🙂

4) An off-topic question: If you could co-write with any author, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Wow, that’s a hard, but interesting question 🙂 My favourite authors are Fay Weldon, Anita Shreve and Linda Gillard, so I really should pick one of those shouldn’t I? But, the person I’d most like to work with is my husband. He’s a very talented writer but doesn’t have the passion (and patience) for it that I have. Perhaps one day we’ll be the next Nicci French….that would be something 😉


9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Vikki — On Inspiration

  1. That’s a big stack of notebooks! It’s nice to see a writer’s tools. I have a few journals for notes and ideas. I keep one on my nightstand for those crazy ideas that come to you in the middle of the night. Nice to meet you, Vicki.

    • Hi Brinda 🙂

      I LOVE notebooks lol. When I’m dead and gone they’ll go through my notebooks and say “Ahhhh, that’s what was going on in her head.” 🙂

      I suffer from insomnia, so I’ve tried having one next to my bed. The problem is if I sit up to write something down I won’t go back to sleep again lol 😉


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