So… Now What?

Now that I have a book published that I actually feel like I fully completed, what happens next? (outside of trying to market the hell out of it. If anyone has any marketing tips please feel free to comment!)

While I was waiting to get the edits back for “London Darkness: Infernal Inventions,” I was able to get a little over 30,000 words written for the sequel, “London Darkness: War of the Devices.” That is fantastic for me because I’m taking a break from the series. I want to get away from the characters for a bit so I can, hopefully, get more of a feel for how they have changed since the end of the first book. But, when I come back to it I’ll already have a decent chunk of it done that I’ll read through, and then get back to work on.

In the meantime, I’m working on a novella series. Well, probably more of a trilogy than a series. They are steampunk, but have a much larger fantasy aspect to them because they include vampires, magic, and demons. Anyway, I’m a decently fast typer, so my goal is 30,000 words for each novella which, if I work diligently, I can write in about two to three weeks. I’m hoping this will be beneficial for me in that it gives me some time to market my book, see how well it does, and I can get a few shorter books out to get more of my work out faster.

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10 thoughts on “So… Now What?

    • Thanks! I’d like to get all 3 (possibly 4) of the novella books, and the next book in my London Darkness series out, or at least have all the manuscripts finished by the end of the year.

  1. I think being prolific is a vital trait, especially if you are going the self-published route. All of the various blogs/articles about self-pub have touched on building up your catalog, as it presents more opportunities for discovery by readers. I wish I could knock out 30k in 2-3 weeks. For my situation that would be closer to 4-5 weeks 🙂 But that’s ok, everyone works at their own pace. As usual, I am impressed by your long term plan and your drive to get there.

    • I agree completely, Steven. That’s partially why I chose to go for the novella series while working on the full-length series. I can pump out more books (I don’t mean less-quality, of course), faster.

      And whether it takes you 2 -3 weeks, 4 – 5 weeks, or a year; at least you’re writing.

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