Now Commencing Draft 2

The time has finally come. After months of writing and waiting for edits, I have finally received my novel back and can begin my second draft. I’m really quite excited. I’ve also received the base image for the book’s cover, which is also very exciting!

I have the day off from work today, so I plan to spend it re-reading my novel to check for small typos and basic story flaws. I went over it for major story flaws and typos before I sent it to my editor which I think helped a lot. I got very good feedback from my editor, and she really didn’t have too many constructive criticisms. I may then take a break from that and do some cover work.

I’d like to get the cover up today, if possible. Then, I can update the Goodreads page which will hopefully, in turn, provide some more “to-reads” on it. We all know that everyone judges a book by its cover; and I think this cover will turn out to be quite fantastic!

On a side note, I will be taking part in a collaborative steampunk story with Steven Bell. We’re still working out the details, but I think it’s going to be a ton of fun. Also, be sure to check out his blog because he’s churning out a lot of great steampunk stuff that is well worth the read.

I will bid you all adieu as I commence draft 2 of London Darkness: Infernal Inventions!

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