Infernal Inventions on Goodreads

I’m very excited to have put the first and second book in my London Darkness series on Goodreads! I think this will help me to get a general idea of who might be interesting in reading the books and things of that sort. I don’t have the cover art up yet, but the first book’s art is still in the works. However, I think it’s going to be fantastic! So, if you have a Goodreads I urge you to go mark them as “to-read!” Here’s the link for Infernal Inventions! ->

I’ll even provide the description for you, in hopes it will help to draw you in.

Victorian London–When Ryker Mayson–an independent inventor–comes across the dead body of a Head Inventor from the League of Inventors on his birthday, his life becomes more complicated than he could ever imagine. Murder, lies, and deceit become all too familiar as Ryker searches the dark city streets to find out who is behind these deaths, and why.

With the help of Wendell, his Gnomish best friend, Celia, his prostitute lover, and some newly made friends, he scours the city in search of whomever is lurking in the city’s shadows, slaying unsuspecting inventors for taking part in a tragic injustice.

In other personal writing news: I’ve been getting some decent writing done, and I’m excited about where the second book in my series is going. I was a little uneasy at first, because I was having some trouble with plot points, but I think things are finally starting to come together, and I’m very excited about how things are turning out.

Also, I’ve begun reading Cassandra Claire’s “Clockwork Prince,” and I’m enjoying it quite well so far. I also think it’s helping to provide me with some inspiration. So, more good news there!


4 thoughts on “Infernal Inventions on Goodreads

      • Ah, I should probably add this to the post, :X As soon as it’s published I’ll post a direct link! haha. It’ll be available at to start, and distribution usually takes a painstakingly long six to eight weeks. I’ll see about getting it on Smashwords for all the ebook fans as well. It should be published, hopefully, by the end of this month, or the beginning of next month. Soon!

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