This Vacation may be just what I Need

I’m currently writing this from a motel room, taking a break from the long drive to Florida. For those of you who are international readers, Florida is a sunny place with 80% of the population consisting of old retired people, in most places, anyway.

I’ll keep this post short. My activity will be a little less than usual, but I plan to get some serious writing done on my WIP as I gaze upon the setting sun and watch as the pink and orange colors wash over the evening sky. I may even be able to squeeze in a blog post, depending on how my writing goes.



6 thoughts on “This Vacation may be just what I Need

  1. Jealous fit over here! Last year around this time (a smidge early in fact) I was in Florida, having a ball and getting nothing accomplished other than sunburn and theme park hopping with my wife and son. Enjoy your vacation!

    • Well the fiancee and her grandmother are at a meeting about the timeshare, so that has left me with several hours to write! Once they get back the other fun will commence!

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