Ouch, Pulitzer Judges… That Hurts

I can honestly say that I am quite disappointed with the individual chosen for the fiction Pulitzer Prize. Oh, wait, there isn’t a winner! As a fiction writer, I have to say… Ouch. The article stated that there were three finalists chosen, but apparently they weren’t able to decide just which one was the most-deserving of the prize.

In a way, I’m at a loss for words. If it were me, I would certainly consider it an honor to be one of the top three finalists. However, I would be more than disappointed if they simply couldn’t decide on a winner, and just decided, “eh, I guess we just won’t pick one. Maybe next year.”

I suppose it isn’t all bad, though. If these three books were so good that the judges couldn’t pick which of the three was the very best, I would be pretty excited. So, I suppose congratulations are in order for:

“‘Train Dreams,’ by Denis Johnson(Farrar, Straus and Giroux), a novella about a day laborer in the old American West, bearing witness to terrors and glories with compassionate, heartbreaking calm; ‘Swamplandia!’ by Karen Russell (Alfred A. Knopf), an adventure tale about an eccentric family adrift in its failing alligator-wrestling theme park, told by a 13-year-old heroine wise beyond her years; and ‘The Pale King,’ by the late David Foster Wallace (Little, Brown and Company), a posthumously completed novel, animated by grand ambition, that explores boredom and bureaucracy in the American workplace.” (Source)

Well done, writers!

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2 thoughts on “Ouch, Pulitzer Judges… That Hurts

  1. I wonder if it was that the books were SO good they couldn’t choose, or if the books didn’t measure up. I do love the authors mentioned (I haven’t read these particular books by them) but sometimes I wonder if it’s just their names that get them these kinds of prizes. All of these writers are already contemporary fiction writers, famous for their writing, sometimes in more than one genre.

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