The Hunger Games vs. The Hunger Games Movie

One of the main things I love about being a writer is that it is significantly easier for writers to convey thoughts to their readers. Filmmakers just aren’t able to spell out exactly what a character is feeling. This was the main problem I noticed with The Hunger Games as a movie.

Now, of course they movie wasn’t exactly like the book. But, these things never are. However, it was pretty close. They shortened out a few things, which I can understand, but something that I found wasn’t entirely clear was the fact that Katniss was stuck between Gale and Peeta.

I found it hard to tell whether or not Katniss was faking her love for Peeta just to be able to survive. It’s hard to see this without knowing exactly what she is thinking. Sure, there were the notes from Haymitch, but I feel like those who haven’t read the book wouldn’t fully understand that Katniss had to show her “love” for Peeta, just so they could make it out alive. I mean, it was evident that Gale was upset when he watched Katniss and Peeta kiss on screen, but it didn’t show much evidence that Katniss still had feelings for Gale, and that she was just, essentially, stringing Peeta along until the end. This made it quite apparent to me that the movie was aimed more toward those who had read the book, versus those whom did.

Something I did enjoy quite a bit was how the Gamemakers were shown in a control room of sorts. I think it helped to show that these people really controlled every aspect of the Games, and were able to manipulate any of the competitors in any way they wanted. However, something I personally pictured differently were the dogs at the end. In the movie, they were large pitbull-type dogs. But, maybe it’s just how I read it, I pictured these dogs as more werewolf type creatures. That doesn’t particularly relate to the movie directly, but just something I noticed.

!!*Movie Spoiler*!!

While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I feel like they could have made the ending a little better. They could have made it a bit of a cliffhanger like it was in the books. The end of the movie simply says that Katniss wants to forget what happened, which us readers know that means she wants to get back to Gale, but Peeta doesn’t want to forget. Now, If I hadn’t read the book, I would see that as now Katniss just wants to forget everything and get back to her old life, and Peeta has to try and forget what happened between himself and Katniss. Again, I think the actual message would have been a bit clearer had they shown Katniss’s struggle between Gale and Peeta throughout the movie.



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2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games vs. The Hunger Games Movie

  1. There are always going to be differences between movies and books; they are different media. A few years back Phillipa Botyens told me that when she, Jackson and Walsh wrote the scripts for the Lord of the Rings movies, they’d had to adapt quite a bit in order to make it translate properly into a film. And that’s true of any movie. I’ve seen one or two movies that pretty much directly followed the book, but that’s because the book was written to suit – I’m thinking The Da Vinci Code. Usually, though, what makes a movie script ‘good’ is mutually exclusive from what makes a book ‘good’, and if you transliterate one into the other directly, it’s going to be pretty odd.

    Matthew Wright

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