My First Author Talk!

Photo by: Jim Danvers

Today was a fantastic and exciting day for me! Today was my very first public event as a writer/author.

The turnout was mostly family, but I’m glad to have their support. They asked some wonderful questions and the entire event went much more smoothly than I thought it would have. I sold and signed a few books, and I’m glad that some people got a chance to look further into me as a writer. I’m currently working on setting up some other events at some other local libraries near me, along with one near my college.

Also, I’m working on choosing one of these venues to host a book launch for my third novel when it is completed.

Everything seems to be flowing very well for me, and things almost seem to be taking off for me as a writer. I can only hope that these things continue, and I’m so very happy to have the support of so many people, including you, my wonderful followers and visitors!

The rest of the photos are on my Facebook fan page. Also, there may potentially be a video as well.


6 thoughts on “My First Author Talk!

    • Thanks! It really is a fantastic experience. I’m sure you too will be able to have an event all your own! πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s as simple as just sending an e-mail to a local library.

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