I’ve Been Published… Again!

I have very exciting news to share with all of you: My second novel, Bloodrest, has been published and is officially for sale at the Lulu Marketplace. This book isn’t as lengthy as ESTRA Corp., (which is now available as an eBook), but I feel like the content and character development is much better. Plus, I got a friend of mine to draw up a cover for me. Her name is Ally Haraty, and she is studying art at Alfred University. Be sure to check out some of her work, (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1375251568).

Bloodcrest was of course edited by none other than Ashley Amidon, who has been an amazing editor. She gives me good perspective on my work and helps me with some developmental portions of it. Be sure to check out her fashion/literature blog at http://www.chic-thoughts.blogspot.com.

I think I might say I’m a little more, “proud,” of this book if you will. It’s much more my style – fantasy – as opposed to ESTRA. Corp. which is more sci-fi/war. I’m currently working on my third book, Bloodcrest: The Ancients, and after that I will be making a sequel to Bloodcrest, and turning it into a trilogy.

So, for those of you who are interested, the link to Purchase Bloodcrest is available in the right column of my blog, and, if any of you do decide to purchase it, I am more than grateful and hope you enjoy it.


8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Published… Again!

  1. On my to-read. I’ll be keen for an eBook version – just with being an international purchaser, the shipping can cost as much as, or more, than the book itself!

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