They’ve Gone Comma Crazy!

I always appreciate the use of proper punctuation. However, some people do tend to take things a little too far. I don’t have perfect punctuation, and I never claim to. However, I don’t understand how some people can go so overboard with their punctuation.

Example: Sometimes; people need to, relax, think, and be sure to;, look up, how to use some kinds of punctuation, before: they go about thinking just how good at it, they; are,.

Of course, my example was an over exaggeration. But one can see my point.

Punctuation is an important part of writing – obviously. When used properly, sometimes even a tiny bit incorrectly, (I’m not a hypocrite, I promise!), it really can help make writing more exciting, mysterious, and/or suspenseful. As long as one doesn’t go to the extremes and put a comma or semi-colon after every third word.

However, in an era where run-on sentences, or even a lack of punctuation altogether is becoming a more real thing, I always appreciate a person giving some kind of attempt to use proper punctuation. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen posts on Facebook like:

“went to the doctors today and they told me i only had a cold what is wrong with them i cant believe it i would make a better doctor than they would i wish someone would come with me to go yell at them will u do it”

I really don’t aim to make fun of anyone. Some people really just don’t grasp the written word well. More times than not if someone isn’t good at something, they would much rather choose not to do it. I feel the same way with several things that I do. However, the written word is definitely something that should be mastered. It can be the difference between getting or missing out on that dream job. In my case, it can mean the difference between people actually buying my books, or passing by them thinking “If only he had better punctuation!”

But I digress.

To wrap things up – I challenge everyone give their best attempts at better use of punctuation, spelling and grammar. It really does leave a positive, lasting impression.

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10 thoughts on “They’ve Gone Comma Crazy!

  1. Ah yes, so many people are falling ill with punctionitis – severe lack of punctuation – these days. Tis disheartening. :/

  2. I’ll be honest, I’m one of those who overuse punctuation. Especially commas. I think maybe run-on sentences piss me off so much that I feel the need to overcompensate. But too many ‘pauses’ can definitely affect a reader’s enjoyment of the narrative, no doubt about it.

  3. Loved your example of the Facebook status (so true) but you forgot all of the spelling mistakes! It bothers me to no end how many people can’t tell the difference between then/than or their/they’re/there, etc. My eye twitches every time I read a sentence like that.

    • Your perfectly right about you’re observations….(okay that was evil of me but I couldn’t resist.) The two saddest things I ever saw on FB were these:

      “I always have to use perfect grammer.”
      “I want to be an auther.”

      Sad. Very sad. I cried.

      • OH. That was evil. I was like…SERIOUSLY? I’m so glad you were joking.

        And, wow. It always surprises me how people think that being an author is such a namby-pamby job. Really? Have you even tried writing a novel before? I have never worked so hard on a single thing for so long (especially without being paid for it) in my entire life. It is not for the faint of heart.

  4. Yes indeed…I know so many people who “write.” Everybody “writes”. But I have yet to see someone who pains for months over a paragraph, stolidly reads rejection letters and keeps on going, struggles to carve a niche for themselves in the Big World of Writing, or deals with editors on a daily basis.

    I knew someone who said, ‘Oh, tsk, it’s so easy to get a book in the bookstore. Anybody could do that.’
    I, who’ve had my novel rejected more times than I care to relate, just said, ‘Oh, really, why don’t you try then?’

  5. (I love the discussion, by the way :D)

    I feel like everyone who thinks it’s so easy to write a book deserves a firm smack and a good, long lecture!

  6. I think texting is the culprit. I have a friend who is a published mystery writer, and we call ourselves the “grammar police.” One of my pet peeves is road signs advertising, for example, “Kuntry Kitchen,” “Ken’s Kars,” or to see such things as a food advertised as “Lite.” OUCH! Hurts me just to type those. And I wonder whether inserting all kinds of commas is akin to playing darts blindfolded, hoping one will find the target. I’m with you!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  7. Could, not, agree, more.

    I don’t think anything – facebook, texting, or any other means of communication are to blame, but it’s more of an issue of a societal nonchalance about rule following altogether. If there was as much public shame involved in misusing punctuation as there is in, say, mistaking Tyra Banks for Oprah (imagine that crapstorm on facebook), then people would stay as well versed in punctuation as they do with matching celebrity names with faces.

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