It has Finally Arrived!

Sorry for the poor quality. I was so excited I snapped a picture with my cell phone.

I’m very excited! My book has finally arrived, and I finally had the chance to see it in person. It looks better than I thought it would to be honest. I’m glad to see that my hard work has finally paid off, and I can actually hold the legitimate copy of the book in my hands.

It seems like things are starting to get a little better when it comes to my writing. My first novel is officially published, I only have one chapter left of my second novel, Bloodcrest, to finish writing, my first article for Upstate Metal was published on their website, and I’m proud to say that a local library has given me the opportunity to talk about my book and my writing in mid March. The library is trying to usher in a younger crowd, and they are hoping that because of my age, and because I wrote a science-fiction book, younger people will be more interested and much more inclined to attend.

I was doing some thinking about that talk, and another local library just recently renovated their inside and outside. So, I was thinking that perhaps something could be worked out where I could give a talk there to, in a way, help show off the new renovations by having a local, recently published author give a talk.

I’ve watched a few author talks on YouTube, and they seem like a pretty fun time. People get to ask you questions about your writing, and you get to give some personal insights about your books, and why other people should read and write. It really is an honorable event, and I’m more than happy that they chose me to talk about my book. I also plan to have a raffle at this event. I will be giving away two copies of ESTRA Corp., and two copies of Bloodcrest. Then, the proceeds will go to the library. Hopefully this will benefit both the library, and myself.

So, all in all, I’m glad that things are looking up for me, and I hope this is an upward trend that will continue.


10 thoughts on “It has Finally Arrived!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping that will be the outcome! I think raffling off the books is a good way to help peak some interest, along with getting my work out there more.

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