Upstate Metal!

Holy excitement! Not only has my first novel been published, but I also just became part of the Upstate Metal writing team as a contributor, ( I’ll be able to interview bands, write news about them, get backstage press passes, and other things of the sort. While it’s not a paid gig, I’m really not worried about it. This is more of like an internship for me. I’ll be able to get the experience of working for a magazine, and it’ll be a writing job to put on my resume.

It seems like this whole writing thing is finally starting to pay off. Despite me having a “I’m such a terrible writer” day yesterday, this really has been an inspiring event. I’m working on setting up my first interview with Ice Nine Kills, a band local to me, and getting an interview with them. I can only hope that this upward trend continues.

Upstate Metal is an online and print magazine. They cover national and local bands by providing reviews, interviews, and help book shows. They’re deep into New York’s underground metal scene – “We work for the cause, to keep the underground alive and breathing.”


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