Author Fan Page Created; No Sales yet, but I’m Hopeful!

Well, I took some advice and went out on a limb. I’ve created an author “fan” page for myself on Facebook. It’s very slow going right now. Only my fiance, my step-dad, and my editor currently “like” me, but it’s only two hours old so I can’t expect miracles. But, at any rate, that little text box on the right side of the page is the fastest way to “like” me on Facebook. I do greatly appreciate any “likes” that I receive, and  strongly encourage you to ask your friends to “like me.”

On another note, no one has purchased by first novel yet. I wish I could give it out for free, but the publishing company I’m going through, (, makes it so I have to charge something. However, several people I’ve talked to have said they are going to purchase it when they get paid this week, and it seems as if this week could not go any slower. But, pay day is tomorrow for me and a few others, and I know I’ll be purchasing two copies of it, (I’m giving a free copy to my editor). So, hopefully the rest of the masses are just waiting for pay day to purchase it – Or so I hope.


6 thoughts on “Author Fan Page Created; No Sales yet, but I’m Hopeful!

  1. Good luck. I won’t make promises. It’s a bit pricier to get it over to New Zealand. But I’ll keep an eye on it. I do ebooks happily, too (o:

  2. Patience is a virtue and an absolute requirement for any author. You didn’t write the novel overnight and attention to it also takes time – sometimes much, much more time. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the wikipedia pages of your favorite authors and scroll down to the complete list of works that almost all of them will have. How many of those novels and/or novellas have you even heard of? Chances are there will be a few early works you’ve never seen! Best of luck to you and yours!

    • That is very true! I’ve sold a few more copies, but you’re right, I’m doing my best to be patient. I have an author speaking event coming up in mid-March that should help a little.

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