The Writer’s Niche

When it comes to the place where I write, I’m a bit of a nomad. I write anywhere I can use my laptop. Even when I’m home I seem to wander into different rooms to write. Sometimes it just helps me by getting a change of scenery.

However, I do dream of someday having a lavish office. I already have a desk for it with shelves for books and drawers for notepads. The office would surely contain my favorite books, and hopefully framed copies of some of my own books.

I feel like if I had a really proper office to write in, with a decent view, that would be more than enough to inspire me to write more than I currently do. And, of course, I would need a comfortable chair!

It’s very important for a writer to have a proper place to write. How can anyone expect a writer to truly put forth their best efforts without a proper writing place? While this place may vary for each writer, a writer’s niche can be their best muse.


5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Niche

  1. When my sisters and I were younger, we’d walk through OfficeMax picking out all of our favorite office furniture for the spectacular offices we’d one day have. I had my office planned down to the paper shredder and the portable safe where I’d store my top-secret novels.

    In the real world, I write at a desk in a corner of my room and hide behind my bookshelf when my siblings come to pester me. But I do have a big executive chair!

  2. When I’m in the right mood I find that I can write any where. On paper or a laptop. I do wish I had an office to work in most of the time though as my desk is in a room with a tv and many DVD’s which can be very distracting. I work long hours so I need to get a little more discipline when i write and use every moment that I can.
    It dosent matter where one writes, as long as words are being put together.

  3. I am more than a little obsessed with office supplies, Today I was going through them, and I have multiples of everything, enough to open my own store. I always thing they will help with writing but I have’t found a gadget yet that does. I am fortunate to have a dedicated room to write in but have lap top will travel ( when it’s working) and have done my best stuff at cafe’s, libraries, museum etc.

    I do love to dream about that perfect place though and dreaming is the best part.

  4. See! I can’t nominate you for the Liebster award…because you have a mere 483 followers! Aren’t you sad that you don’t qualify? If you can toss some rather new and unexplored blogs my way, I might actually qualify for my nomination! A complete aside, your writing is wonderful!

    • Because my posts are sent to Facebook it counts my 400+ facebook friends as followers. I only have about 30+ WordPress followers, if that changes anything, haha. And thank you so much for the compliment!

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