Thou Shalt not Hinder me Today

It would appear the overlords of writing are toying with me today. As I near writing another 1,000 words today, I’m finding that I’m not entirely pleased with where this chapter is going. I’m introducing a new character, Fiona, and she’s not turning out the way I had previously pictured her. She’s turning out much more, evil, if you will, despite her actual role in the story, which I won’t reveal at this time.

For some reason, the words just aren’t flowing smoothly today, either. I keep finding myself stopping and thinking for long periods of time, or making an uncommon amount of typos. I’m almost spending more time going back and fixing things than actually progressing my story along. I only hope that I’m not somehow subconsciously finding my story boring and it’s hindering my writing. I don’t personally find my story boring, and the part I’m stuck at is actually a high-suspense part.

That’s also partially why I stopped to write this post. I figured maybe taking a quick break to blog might help get some creative juices pumping, and help me get warmed up. I’ve read in several places that perhaps doing a quick writing prompt or a similar activity will help someone to get their brain going and get some ideas flowing. I can only hope that this will work just as well – Seeing as how I only wrote a measly 362 words yesterday, and the day before that I didn’t write any.

However, today I’m fighting through whatever is hindering my ability to write. After all, even if this interference alters my story a little, I can always go back and make any adjustments or fixes to make that particular section better. That’s one of the wonderful things about writing – If you mess up, or don’t like the way something turned out, it’s never permanent. You always have the option to go back, fix it, or make it better, and return to what you were previously doing. Not everyone else has that option.

So, to wrap this up, I do feel as if I’m becoming a bit more loose today. I believe this blog post has cleared out some of whatever is blocking my literary path today, and I think I can at least get up to my daily goal of 1,000 words, and hopefully far beyond that.


12 thoughts on “Thou Shalt not Hinder me Today

  1. I have not posted a post going on four days…I feel horrible. I cannot even come up with a plausible excuse other than to say I prefer to write early in the morning (3am-5-am) and then back to bed.

    This was a kick in the butt for me, thanks

  2. I enjoy it when a charactter does surprising things and generally I go with it, see what corners they will turn or perhaps upend some tables. I hope by the time you finished the post you were back into writing and finding a little easier.

  3. Followed ya here from you liking my recent blog post. ^-^ Thanks.

    Days like that, where it’s just -not coming- no matter how hard you try, always suck. But pushing through can help. I read this great quote from novelist Nora Roberts on @Quotes4Writers on Twitter, “You can fix a page page. You can’t fix a blank one.”

    Happy to hear you got past your slump.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and the “like”! I came to check out yours….you’ve just gained a new follower. 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loved this post. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in that position. I’m actually doing the same thing you are right now – editing a novel, and writing another one. Trust me when I say I know how you feel. The strange thing about my second novel is that I don’t really know where it’s going yet, but I really like what I’ve already written. As someone said before, it’s really fun to just see where your characters will take you. I find that, sometimes, they lead you to places that are so much better than the ones you had thought up originally.

    Also, from experience: thinking for long period of time is not bad. I get distracted easily, but staying on a schedule is important. Thinking for 50 minutes and writing for 10 is a good thing, as long as that time spent thinking is productive (ie. you figuring out where you want your story to go). Try not to go back and fix what you’ve already written – that’s for your editing process. It’s an easy way to drain your creative juices really fast. If I really, really can’t write, I’ll research instead. Sometimes something like that can inspire you – and you’re getting work done at the same time!

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Thanks! I do find that when I stop to think it’s productive. Although, sometimes I get distracted when the TV or something is on so I have to turn it off. Other times I have to stop writing completely and switch to reading.

  6. Sometimes you need to let those characters go where on they want to, even if you don’t like it. Subconciously, they may be taking you where your writing needs to go. Letting the characters lead you can be interesting. After all, it’s only words. If you really hate where they’ve gone, just delete it and start anew.

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