Intimidated by a blinking cursor

On days like today, few things are as intimidating as the blinking cursor. Sometimes I like to consider this cursor the antagonist of my writing career.

Assuming my life as a writer is fiction… Although I sincerely hope it’s not in some aspects, the blinking cursor would be the evil witch, wizard, goblin, troll, giant, etc., that makes writing and blogging seem like one of the most complicated things in the world.

Even right now the cursor torments me as it blinks. My writer’s block being the antagonist’s right hand man, dragging me even further into the depths of their deception and chaos. I can only imagine how they would cackle and laugh, knowing they are succeeding in their maniacal ways.

I blame this partly on fatigue. Sadly, I’m not currently able to survive on the profits of my writing, so I’m forced to have a job. Bills don’t pay themselves, no matter how convenient that would be; and waking up early for work is always a sharp stab to the heart of inspiration,temporarily crippling it.

However, when inspiration recovers from its near-fatal wound, I feel that together we will prevail. Inspiration, acting as the cavalry, riding in on their horse, dragon, griffin, etc., will blindside the intimidating cursor and its evil partner writer’s block. The cavalry will be the morale boost that I need to keep pushing the cursor further toward the end of my novel, keeping it backpedaling until it’s forced to succumb to my inspiration and I, and retreats into hiding.

So, in closing, I challenge this evil blinking cursor and writer’s block to a battle. A battle that I know will leave me as the victor, and leave the cursor and writer’s block begging for mercy. Mercy that I may not be willing to give to these dastardly villains.


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