A new beginning

There I was, 31,000 words into my next novel. I was pumping out chapter after chapter, moving the plot along, building suspense, and developing my characters into their uniqueness, making them who they are; and then it hit me.

I simply wasn’t happy with it. I wasn’t happy with the time period my novel was set in, and how the alchemy in it worked. And, in order for me to change them, I would have to go through a pretty extensive amount of rewriting. So, I figured it would be much easier to just start over.

However, I was more content with that than you might think. Some people may think that being over 30,000 words into a novel means there is no turning back. I disagree. Being able to start over gives me the chance to basically create a much more exciting version of my previous novel. I’ll be using the same characters and I’ll be able to revert back to the old version for some plot points.

So far, I’ve only written the first chapter, and I can honestly say that I’m already pleased with how it is coming along. It will be much more fantasy orientated – Necromantic Alchemy, standard alchemy, Elves, and I might even throw in a dragon or two seeing as how I love dragons.

I feel that I write much better in the time period of this next novel – That being the era of knights, swords, and chivalry. After all, I mostly read books in that time period, so I have the most experience with those. Not to mention I’m currently reading Eragon, which promises to provide me with a significant amount of inspiration. Also, Eragon seems like a fantastic book so far. As I read, I almost feel like Christopher Paolini and I not only share the same first name, but similar writing styles, (At least I hope our styles are similar!).

So, my current, and hopefully new readers can be on the lookout for excerpts from my new novel, Bloodcrest. I hope you enjoy them and provide feedback!



3 thoughts on “A new beginning

    • Unfortunately it’s not. My first draft has been edited, I just have to go through and fix it up. Plus I’m working on writing my second fantasy novel and working. So it’s a little difficult to distribute my time.

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