Could it be? I think I’ve become a better writer!

I’d like to use this particular post to, in a way, kind of brag, if you will.

I recently went over some chapters of my first novel that my editor sent me when she finished reading them over and editing them, and as I read through it several thoughts raced through my head.

For example:

“Wow! How could I write that?”

“Why didn’t I use more description here?”

“I’m almost embarrassed to have her read this!”

and a few others.

However, she informed me that based on my reactions to her edits, and after reading the excerpt from my second novel, that I have actually become a better writer! (Also that she loved my first book – which is amazing to hear!)

I suppose I have noticed a difference in the way I write. When I write now, I visualize each scene in my head. When a character speaks, I really take into consideration how they are currently feeling, or how they say a certain thing, and I really make sure the reader knows exactly what the character feels and that I portray in a way that the reader will understand, and will help them to get the most out of it.

I can only hope that this trend continues; and I believe it will. I’ve been reading and writing more than ever lately, and I’ve been doing my best to absorb as much information and technique from what I read as I can. Also, I’ll be taking a creative writing course next semester and I guarantee that it will help me to become an even better writer. I’m really excited for this class, and I can only hope that it will help me to produce some of my best works of writing. Not to mention this class should give me a ridiculous amount of inspiration, and will constantly keep me writing so I keep my practice up. I never want to get “rusty” when it comes to writing.

In closing, I’m very excited to begin the revisions and re-writings of my first novel to see if I can really turn it into something great!

Until next time.


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