To read or to write? THAT is the question!

Reading and writing has become a large part of my life as of late. Although, writing has become a much larger part of my life than reading. I sometimes find it hard to decide whether I should read, or work on my novel.
I suppose sometimes it’s circumstantial. If I’m lacking inspiration I tend to read, partially because it might help me to get some inspiration.
But other times I find I would much rather write than read. I get all these ideas and I want to pump them out as quickly as I can before I forget them. Sure, I take down some notes when I’m not near my computer. But sometimes the feeling isn’t the same later and I end up writing it differenly.
And then there are other times where I would love to be able to read and write at the same time. I suppose I could attemp it. Perhaps read a chapter, then write a chapter, then read a chapter, and so on and so forth.
I suppose most of the time you’ll see me with a laptop in my lap rather than a book in my hands, typing away at whatever story details pop into my head. I don’t suppose this is a bad thing. However, I know I need to get a good dose of literature into my system every now and again.


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