The unpredictability of inspiration

You always hear writers talk about how they need inspiration to keep going, to keep writing, to keep filling the pages with active dialogue and plot twists to keep the reader engaged and wanting to turn the next page. This couldn’t be more true.
However, inspiration has a dreadful habit of showing up at some of the most inconvenient times. For example, I found myself feeling especially inspired to write while I was at work today, (sadly, writing is currently 0 percent of my income), and there was nothing I could do about it.
This happens to me more often than I’d like. I simply can’t stop working to go write – as much as I’d love to be able to.
I find myself especially inspired now that I just finished watching one of my favorite shows, Castle. The intelligent murder-mystery writer with tons of money who writes for a living. Watching as he talks with his agent on the phone and discusses multiple book deals encourages me to give my best attempts at creating stories that bewilder the imagination and captivate the audience in an array of unseen twists and turns, leading them down the rabbit hole to a world where they fear there is no escape. But, with the help of the protagonist and his friends, they can overcome the reign of tyranny that has befallen them and return to their peaceful lives. It’s fun to dream…
So I dare to submit to inspiration’s “touche,” and hope that tomorrow inspiration will strike me at a convenient time and location so that I may continue bending the lives of my characters. So I may shape their lives and forever change them. Whether that change is for better or worse remains to be seen.
Until then, I bid you farewell.


3 thoughts on “The unpredictability of inspiration

  1. I had the same feeling today! I desperately needed to do some shopping and about half an hour before leaving home, I got the urge to work on one of my stories!
    I wrote about ten lines but was forced to leave it because my dad was waiting for me.

    Some books I read suggest keeping a tiny notebook with you at all times. I’m not sure what line of work you do but maybe keep one on your desk and when no-ones looking, write in it for a few minutes when you get the urge! 🙂

    • I currently work at McDonald’s, but I’m switching to housekeeping at a hospital. Just something to pay the bills while at school. However, I have a notepad app on my phone that I use when I can to jot down some quick notes. It works quite well because I always have my phone with me.

  2. Ahhh, I LOVE Castle, it’s such an excellent show, and the witty dialogue is amazing!
    I couldn’t agree with you more on this post. I’ll be sitting around at school in lesson, or just getting off to sleep, or sitting on the coach, and suddenly, BAM. I’m hit with inspiration. Whether it’s a novel plot, a blog post idea, a final project for school, or an excellent closing line of phrase that would work really well for a piece of writing. And I find it so frustrating, because by the time I’m able to actually put it to paper, it’s gone. I either can’t remember it or I can’t get it to sound quite right. I sometimes wonder if people’s best ideas happen when there busy with other plans…… 🙂

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