Regarding my re-blogged post; Samuel Clemens birthday

In regards to my previous re-blogged post – It always fills me with joy, and envy when I hear or read that an avid writer has officially become a published author. David McRaney has had his blog, “You Are Not So Smart” published into a book. I can only hope that one day someone may find that my writing is good enough to be published. I can only imagine the joy that would come from opening my e-mail, expecting the usual e-mails from various stores attempting to get me to purchase something from them, until that one particular e-mail catches my eye. The e-mail, from an address I’ve never seen before, seems to draw me in. Something is eerie about this e-mail. Eerie, but I can’t help but be drawn to it. I hover my mouse over the link to enter the e-mail, wondering if it could be true? Someone wants to publish my book? Someone has that much confidence in my writing?

As you can see, yet again I’ve become carried away in my hopes and dreams. Someday, they’ll be accomplished.

In other great events, I’d like to wish Samuel Clemens, A.K.A. Mark Twain, a happy 176th birthday! Twain is one of my favorite writers. In fact, I’m currently reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. One of the classics of course. Google’s panoramic doodle on their homepage today happens to be a tribute to Twain.

So, a hat tip to both David McRaney for having his blog published into a book, and to Mark Twain, for having a legacy such as his continue to live on in the world of literature.


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