Welcome to my blog. This is my little slice of the internet I can use to spew forth my questions, concerns, ideas, inspirations and anything else that I may deem fit to fill this bandwidth.

I suppose the main purpose of this blog is to get my name out into the internet. As a beginning writer, I’m virtually unknown to publishers, and even most other writers. Many people seem to surprised when I tell them I’ve written a novel, and am currently working on my second one. Personally, I don’t see how writing a book is such a Herculean task. Granted, some people just aren’t cut out for writing, and it is by no means easy. Forming a coherent story, and a good one no less, can be very difficult. I know I haven’t mastered it. However, I think it just takes a bit of inspiration.

Inspiration is the key, though. I’ve caught myself on several occasions staring at my computer screen, watching the line blink, almost antagonizing me and screaming at me to write anything, even just to please my fingers as they anxiously await to type the words and sentences, forcing my characters to do as a wish, in whatever manner I demand of them. Finding inspiration isn’t always hard. There are plenty of places online that one can go to look for inspiration. The entire Writer’s Digest community is out there to help inspire people to write, and to help them become better writers. However, they can only do so much.

Finding inspiration sometimes is easier than one might think. I often find myself locating inspiration to write when I’m watching a movie that is in the same genre as whatever novel I happen to be writing, (science-fiction or fantasy). Now, you don’t want to go and copy the movie exactly, that lacks originality and you may even run into copyright issues.

But I digress…

Something that is crucial to me being a writer is my audience. Without an audience, a writer is just a person attempting to keep busy by telling them self a story. As a writer, my goal is to entertain my reader. To give my best attempt to write a story that the reader will be engaged in, and will tell their friends, “Hey, this was a really good book. You should go check it out!” Knowing that I can provide a service from my own imagination that only certain people can really truly master is something that I do my best not to take for granted.

That is why it is very important to me that if you have the time, you check back here once in a while. Even following my blog would be amazing. That way you don’t even have to come back! You can always ignore that e-mail… However, I do always appreciate good feedback.

In closing, I do hope you return to see what more I have provided for your viewing entertainment. Perhaps an excerpt from a current novel, or a previous one. Perhaps I will be stuck at a new chapter and need to get the creative juices flowing. Whatever the reason may be, I can only hope you enjoy my little musings.


3 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Jim and I support you and me being an avid reader gee I wonder where you get that from,haha will be watching and waiting…… love you mom and Jim

  2. I so understand that feeling of staring at a blank screen and struggling to type something, anything. I am also pleased you’ve finished your first novel and hope the rewriting is going well!

    Thanks so much for liking my post 🙂

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